Campbell Woods, Princeton Market Update

Campbell Woods Market News: The average sales price in Campbell Woods has increased $147,267 since 2015! Nothing has sold YTD with high demand througout the Princeton Buyers are paying premium prices in 2021! Be the first to know! Click here for Princeton real estate market updates! Thinking of selling your Campbell Woods townhouse? Find out […]

Riverside is one of Princeton’s Hottest Neighborhood!

Some notable Riverside Neighborhood Stats: Average Listing Price of Current Riverside Homes for Sale: $1.549 million Average Days on Market of Riverside Homes Under Contract Homes: 37, down from 49 in February. Number of Homes Currently for Sale in Riverside: 4. There are more homes under contract then for sale in Riverside! Number of Homes […]

Queenston Common Townhouses Real Estate Market Update

What is the latest and greatest with the Queenston Common townhouse community in downtown Princeton? A lot actually! Queenston Common Market Facts: 3 of the last 5 homes that sold were sold for cash! The last 5 sellers in Queenston Common received 101.7% of their asking price! Those 5 homes sold in an average of […]

Just Sold in Princeton

Just sold in Princeton business/residential property in prime location! Welcome to our new neighbors!